Our Wines

Our wines are produced using grapes mostly from Europe and a few  from California. The European grapes are from small independent vineyards where they are hand-picked and juiced for us and then shipped to us across the ocean in refrigerated juice vats. When they arrive at our warehouse door towards the end of December, we begin the process for new wine. Typically we make  our wines to the dry side and they ferment to at least 12.5% ABV.

Our specialty wines consist of different fruits from around New England and Canada. Apples, a big grower here in Maine, make a nice base or blend for interesting wines. Wild Maine Blueberries, the biggest staple here in Maine were used by the Atlantic Brewery for their Blueberry Ale. Many years later, we used them for both a semi-sweet and semi-dry version. Blueberry has become the top seller since 2012;

Ice Wine is the other specialty wine we produce here. We have had two varieties, the Vidal Blanc 2006 vintage and the present Cabernet Franc both from grapes picked for us in Niagara Ontario Canada, We leave plenty of flavor and sweetness stopping fermentation at 11.5% ABV.

ice wine